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  • No need to branch out…..We do it all!

True Blue Tree Service provides a range of quality and reliable tree care services for customers on the northside of Brisbane. View our range of services below -

  • Tree Removal

There are many reasons why you should look at removing dead or dying trees. Some of these include health, safety, and of course aesthetics. However, in some circumstances, even healthy trees should be removed. You may have a situation where your trees are interfering with buildings, driveways, electrical wires, and could also be affecting your plumbing.     


In any event, True Blue Tree Service can assist. We have been providing tree lopping and tree removal services for Brisbane northside for over 5 years. Our reliable service will ensure that your tree service runs smoothly. When you have trees obstructing your surroundings, this can have a profound long term effect on your properties look and value. For northside Brisbane tree lopping services, True Blue Tree Service is the smart choice. 

Enviro Friendly – Every tree we remove is turned into forest mulch and on sold to our customers.

  • Emergency? No problem!

If you have an emergency tree lopping or tree removal requirement on the Brisbane northside, there is no need to panic. Our response time is extremely quick, and we will have your job completed before you can say Timberrrrrr! 

  • True Blue, Down to Earth Service!

At True Blue Tree Service, we pride ourselves on never leaving our customers out on a limb. We offer a genuine true blue service that is backed by over 18 years in the industry. A large majority of our business is developed by word of mouth, which is testament to the level of quality and safety we place on every project we undertake.

We look forward to assisting you with your next Brisbane northside tree lopping and removal project.


  • Tree Pruning and Shaping

There are many reasons why tree pruning and shaping is required. Your tree may be in the way of powerlines, footpaths, or gutters. As well as this, you may want to reshape your tree to enhance the look and value of your property. We can also assist you with pruning your tree back to the fence line.


All our pruning is done to Australian standards. And at all times of the process, we keep the long term health of your tree in mind. This means that you can spruce up your trees without fear of any damage. We also hold full public liability insurance, and treat the safety of your property in the highest regard.

True Blue Tree Service provides true blue, down to earth service. All of our processes are standardised across the entire business, which means that you will have consistency of quality and price every time you use our services.

If you are located on the northside of Brisbane, and require quality tree pruning and shaping, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

  • Palms cleaned or removed

True Blue Tree Service provides quality palm cleaning and removal services for the northside of Brisbane. We can assist with the removal of dead fronds, berries, and flowers from your palms. The Queen or the Cocos are the most common of palms. We can trim these on a regular basis for you, which will help reduce the mess on the ground, and could even help to stop fruit bats feeding on the palm berries.

We provide superior service, backed by over 18 years experience in the industry. Simply, when it comes to hiring a Brisbane tree maintenance and removal company, we provide true blue service at a competitive price.

Take all the risk out of maintaining your valuable palms. We’ll make sure that your asset is kept in tact, and that your palms are being maintained with their longevity in mind. Palms are becoming increasingly popular, as they enhance both the look and value of your property.

If you want the best possible service option for Brisbane northside palm cleaning or removal, contact us today.

  • Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is a term used to describe a method of removing a tree stump after the tree has been lopped. A cutting wheel is used to chip and grind away the stump wood to below the surface of the ground.
Why is Stump Grinding necessary?

  • Stumps are not attractive
  • They entice white ants
  • You can trip over them

Stumps need to be ground if you want to replant where the tree use to be, and on mulching, the mulch will inhibit the growth of weeds.

True Blue Tree Service provides quality stump grinding services for the northside of Brisbane. Although we provide this as part of our tree chopping service, it is still separate service, and requires different equipment.

If you are located on the Brisbane northside, and have an unwanted tree stump in your backyard, contact us to assist you with your stump removal.

  • Forest Mulch

When you apply mulch and soil conditioners to the soil, fungi and soil bacteria begin breaking down to organic matter. This then releases nutrients into the process. Both moisture and air temperature assist in regulating this release, as well as controlling the growth of your plants.

Mulches and soil conditioners are probably best described as 'slow release fertilisers’.

The main advantage of mulching your garden beds is that you can create a layer, which will protect them from both wind erosion and evaporation in summer. In winter, mulches also act as a temperature buffer. This means that they maintain soil warmth, and promote healthy growth in the colder months.

True Blue Tree Service provide quality forest mulch for sale. We supply small to big loads, and If you live on the northside of Brisbane, we will deliver at no charge. Please contact us to place your order.

True Blue Tree Service – “We’ll tree-t you right”